Last weekend my lovely boyfriend and a friend of ours *finally* set up a shelf for something I’m really invested in, so I thought I’d share a bit on Animal Crossing.

My pride and joy


I’ve always gravitated towards toys/cartoons and bright colors. Years ago, I was a designer toy collector, even started customizing some and must admit I was pretty good at it. That was until it became way too expensive to keep up and my cats came into the picture (they destroy things, trust me). It was an interesting period of my life, I must say. I was late into the AC game… Initially discovered it when I bought my first Nintendo DS, I must’ve seen it online or something, can’t remember but there it was…Wild World. At the time, there was the Tokidoki boom going on, so I suppose I was attracted to kawaii-esque illustrations by default. It was go for me, judging by it’s cover. Shortly after, i moved to Italy by myself and that game was my source of entertainment.

For those who haven’t played, Dōbutsu no Mori is an RPG that simulates new life in a new town. It has a real time format and you basically build yourself a house, build relationships with neighbors a la Sims, work for pay and get yourself cool items while developing your town. They even made a movie based on the original game from 2005.

Then, I played City Folk on Wii and so on, and as of late last year I began collecting amiibos and amiibo cards. It’s a slow, light play game with cute characters, what’s not to like?
The amiibo cards were designed for the Happy Home Designer 3DS game that launched in late 2015. I suppose Nintendo noticed everyone’s hoarding tendencies and lack of space within each full expanded home. There are 4 series so far, each consist in 100 cards and they come in 6pc. booster packs. As of now, I’m a couple of cards close to completing the first set… almost there. The issue lies in I don’t have many people to trade cards with where I live.

Cards and amiibo figures are also compatible with  Amiibo Festival, which let’s be honest here…underwhelmed me. As everyone else I’ve asked an honest opinion to, we were all  waiting for a Mario Party kind-of-game. Where are the minigames?! I feel it was designed for children around the age of 6.



img_1189It is cute, nonetheless, and gives me an excuse to collect all the amiibos. Ed has given me most of them, including some of the Sofubi toys. I still have a few more to go and then will move on to collecting the plush toys, I really want Reese and Kicks.

So, there’s that. I’m fully conscious some may consider my hobby childish, but I’ll keep doing my thing, no one ever said Nintendo was cheap.

Not pictured: a calendar my friend Sophia got me for Christmas, gachapon toys.

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