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Today I’ll tell you about a very, very nerdy event I attended…it was awesome.

img_1830-1See, I have very, very talented friends. Not your Instagram celeb kind of friends,  but a group of comic maven geeks who i can call my bros. They are part of this independent web comic crew called Indiellusions.

A couple of weeks ago I helped them out organize for their fist Comic Jam, a free event for comic/manga fans to hang out and create together.

It consisted in a creativity workshop where participants would draw comics in a limited time frame, based on subjects picked at random from a fishbowl. Neat stuff, i tell you.

Basically, once you got there, we would hand out blank layout grids and pencils. Attendees could bring their own supplies as well. It was an exercise for creativity, storytelling and mental wits while sharing what their projects are and how they end up doing these things.

Some of the random combinations(based on pure chance, believe it or not) were: Hero, Columns, Race, Maple Syrup. I did sketch out this one but it was bad!

Another i remember was DNA, Death, College and Lobster. Curious thing was I did a little Google research and found out some studies proved lobster cells are indestructible to some extent. Myth says lobsters are immortal (crabs too) and had I been drawing, that would’ve been my general concept! Come on, lobster immortality? heck yeah!  

People from all ages attended, and it was a refreshing thing to witness. There were very young kids with all the imagination, and older people with technique that can only be polished with experience. It made me glad to see people take interest in cultural activities for self growth and I’m proud of my friends for their success doing what they do best.

On that same day, I scratched my car’s door with a metal rod. But that’s another token in my jinx library!

Also, they recently launched a web comic called Blueprint, with drawings from the ultra talented Albert Weand. I admired his work from when I first stumbled upon it a couple of years ago, then ended up hanging out with his friends and colleagues, such if life.

Synopsis from their website: Gustavo, a young architect who has achieved success, finds himself in a motionless period in his career, while Megumi, still in her college years, foresees the day she makes her dream of making manga a reality. Both of them, Megumi and Gus, find in each other the ideals and answers, to questions that by themselves, they could’ve never discovered.

Click here or on the image below to learn more about their project available every Tuesday and Thursday.



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  • Reply Indi April 28, 2016 at 1:39 am

    Omg Paulie! Super thanks for your amazing article! It really makes me shed manly tears! <3

  • Reply Sophie April 28, 2016 at 4:13 am

    La imortalidad del cangrejo es real! I hope they do events on Sundays so I can go next time. 🙂

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