coffee caramel waffles from our lunch/dinner date


Today we joined our friends Sophie and her husband for something between lunch and dinner. What would a 4:00 p.m. meal be called? Lunner? Dinch? Anyway, i felt the hours went by too fast. I had planned dedicating some time to blogging (or figuring out what to blog!) and work my way around design and the current theme situation.

I still have many, many doubts regarding language, content, images and target audience. I suppose  I just answered my language question. English just reaches a broader audience, imo. I want original content, and that means no stock photos for posts! Unless of course, there is an intention behind it and i feel the need to link my favorite tumblr finds. It will happen, people!

I also plan to make movie/series reviews on here. Some may not know, but I’m a huge cinephile and my better half is a scriptwriter. Of course we own and have seen an obscene amount of films and tasted pretty much every popcorn flavor under the sun. And that brings me to my next point: food. fewdz. We are foodies, and while i may or may not review things, expect pictures, a couple of recipes and tales of food adventures.

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