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Muchas de las fotos de mi infancia muestran una pequeña yo, regularmente de cumpleaños, gritando y llorando aterrorizada por payasos. Cuando le pregunté a mi mamá por qué me hacía eso de contratarlos si evidentemente les tenía pánico, me respondió sin mayor remordimiento de conciencia: “a los otros niños le gustan”. Gracias mamá.

La verdad Eso no se llama “el payaso come niños”, pero es la referencia que tengo desde mi infancia. It, adaptación de la novela de Stephen King es un clásico del terror psicológico que atormentó a toda una generación que aún tiene secuelas de coulrofobia. Y así como Pennywise, el payaso, vuelve más que una tabla de Ouija, el director Andrés Muschietti (de la fama de Mama y Mamá, porque este señor aparenta haber tenido una infancia horrenda con mommy issues) nos lo trae nuevamente y más creepy que nunca.

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Pocas veces he regresado a casa de ver una película en el cine sintiendo que debo investigar y escribir antes de irme a la cama. Baby Driver, o como Ed la bautizó: “The Fault In Our Cars” me voló la tapa del coco mientras disfrutaba de mi criminal contrabando de Krispy Kreme.

Dirigida por Edgar Wright (de la fama de Scott Pilgrim, Shawn of the Dead y Ant Man) y con dirección musical de Steve Price (Suicide Squad, Gravity y Fury). Menciono la dirección musical porque es una parte fundamental del éxito de la película y algo que le da peso a la trama, los planos secuenciales y su desarrollo.

En la era de Rápido y Furioso, al pensar en una película de acción mezclada con autos, pensaría que Baby Driver iba a seguir el mismo patrón que muestran estos films, quizás el diseño rosado de los posters la harían similar al drama que fué Drive con Ryan Gosling, pero más que un film de acción ruda fué un musical de acción meticulosamente coreografeado al son de una lista de canciones retro y otras contemporáneas.

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Dunkerque: La iglesia en las dunas 

Se conoce como “veterano” a una persona con una extensa historia de conocimiento en algo. A alguien ampliamente experimentado y con una maestría suficiente para dar cátedra compleja en su especialidad. Pero el término, sobre todo en inglés (el idioma central en la película Dunkirk), es usado primariamente para describir a quien haya servido en combate militar. La guerra, ejemplificada como el epítome del infierno en la tierra, es un suplicio humano de tal magnitud que sobrevivir tan siquiera una guerra convierta a cualquiera en un veterano.

La película Dunkirk empieza con una toma en una ciudad fantasma, recientemente evacuada y con los escombros del conflicto flotando en el aire, describiendo un mundo forzosamente sumergido en una guerra que no sabe cómo terminar pero sigue intentándolo. El sonido nunca abandona al espectador, ya que la banda sonora estilizada como en la era clásica de Hans Zimmer nos deja un sentimiento de tensión descrito como Escala de Shepard, recordándonos que en la guerra cualquiera puede morir, y el fuego enemigo llega en cualquier momento.

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Roughly 2 weeks ago, the International Film Festival of Panama took place. On its 5th edition they showcased more local films than before, living proof that where there’s a will, there’s a way. Cultural projects are often neglected by the government and associations that are meant to support emerging talent. This event lasted around a week so naturally, with design and film titles under our belts and a thirst for entertainment, we managed to attend a few of them.

I might get a bit in trouble for saying this, but the organization and their ticketing system SUCKED. You weren’t able to buy them online unless you had a Mastercard. And when you tried purchasing them from an authorized seller (brick and mortar shops) you ran the risk of them telling you there was just one seat available or they ran out of tickets to print. It happened to me and I missed a couple of movies I really wanted to watch like Magallanes, Viva and The Thin Yellow Line/La delgada línea amarilla (and meeting some celebs as well, who roamed among us mortals during that time). Also, I couldn’t get in for the Opening/Closing galas. At $30/each, I couldn’t bring myself to shower them with my pretty pennies. The Thin Yellow Line was only going to be shown at the Closing event, so unless i cashed out and got all fancy for the night , I didn’t stand a chance.

On Monday night we attended the Premiere for Salsipuedes, a Panamanian film about life in one of Panama’s most famous neighborhoods – all of its idiosyncrasy and violence. Took us about two hours to get to this particular theater cause we got caught up in a Friday night traffic jam. The National Theater, which they used for this particular set of events, got shut down last year for lack of maintenance, so we got the Teatro Balboa left. 

The film itself… I give it a 3/5. I was expecting to finally be blown away by a national film but I left underwhelmed. The cinematography was nice, I believe they took a risk with some shots and they were a hit, but the acting left much to be desired. Apart from a few actors, I felt they failed hard at casting people aptly qualified for film (or they were not well trained for the part). You know how theater acting is different from film acting? That.

The storyline itself was a bit poor and predictable for my taste, but cinematographically I feel it succeeded.


Now let’s move on to A la deriva. What a documentary. We waited at the rush line cause we failed at getting tickets (read above). 10 years ago, over 200 thousand cough syrup bottles were distributed to the Caja del Seguro Social patients. Little they knew they had used chemicals intended for the automotive industry. People died from poisoning and survivors live with permanent damage, inside and out. Physically and emotionally. It was a touchy subject with raw emotion that moved across the movie venue. It was filmed and edited almost flawlessly in my opinion. 5/5.

afiche-sin-filtroDays later, because our busy schedules kept us away from the venues… Sin Filtro. Technically, we didn’t watch it ~during~ the festival, but at a private screening from my workplace that took place simultaneously. It was featured at the IFF though. A chilean film about being your true self when with others. I felt identified with it. It was about a lady who had a seemingly well-put home life, a successful job…but she was a pushover and it was affecting her health, physically and emotionally. She worked at an Ad agency – hello! And they were trying to overlook her experience and hard work for a Youtube Vlogger with bird poop for brains. That, among other things. Until she began speaking her mind. It was wonderful, refreshing, hilarious and approachable. 5/5.

Last but not least…Dheepan. My boyfriend suggested we watched it. We saw “Indian themed things” and went for it without knowing what we were gonna sit down for, so we proceeded to buy the tickets and called it a date.

dheepan_1Dheepan was more than that. It was directed by Jacques Audiard, the same guy who brought us Rust and Bone. The story began in Sri Lanka, in the middle of a civil war, and was about a Tamil freedom fighter who fled to France, along with a woman he barely knew and an orphaned kid. They formed a family to the eyes of others, in hopes of building a better life for themselves in France, and relatively safe haven. It was raw, emotional and sadly, the true story of millions from anywhere and everywhere who have flown home just for a chance of a future, for better or worse. I liked it a lot. It was a bit slow at times, I attribute that to the director’s style, but it grabbed your attention right from the get go. 4.5/5.

And that’s a wrap! These reviews are based on no other than my personal opinion and experience. Thanks for reading and feel free to leave your own experiences, reviews and suggestions in the comment section below.



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