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De niña me daban “fuchi” los vegetales. Siempre me he considerado una persona melindrosa, no empiezo a comer hasta no sacarle cada trozo de cebolla a mi comida y no imagino mi vida sin nuggets de pollo.

Hace un par de años en un parque de la localidad durante una proyección cinematográfica conocí a Roy, amigo de la adolescencia de Ed. Es un sol, un excelente amigo y es vegano. No siento que sea cierto eso de “eres lo que comes”, es un pensamiento arcaico de mal gusto que nació con el fin de crear un sentimiento de vergüenza, pero si creo que conociendo la comida vegana, puedo llegar a conocer mejor a mi amigo y lo importante que es para él seguir ese estilo de vida.

Mi experiencia con platos veganos es muy, muy limitada. Antes solía visitar un restaurante vegetariano y era mega fan del gluten agridulce, hasta que mi cuerpo dijo “uno más y te mato”. ¿Intolerancia? No lo sé con seguridad pero tengo mis sospechas. Roy poco a poco ha derribado mis barreras culinarias de niña picky y le he dado la oportunidad al veganismo.
Con mucha emoción nos invitó a almorzar a su casa en compañía de sus gatos y puso en práctica sus dotes culinarios. Y me sorprendió tremendamente con su menú:

  • Moussaka
  • Tortas de garbanzo
  • Chutney de tamarindo
  • Limonada con jengibre, mastranto y raspadura
  • “Parmesano”

¿Mi elemento favorito? Las tortas de garbanzo. Las comería siempre, frijolera soy. La Moussaka de berenjenas estuvo deliciosa, me recordó mucho a las berenjenas gratinadas italianas y el chutney tenía un sabor muy hindú. Definitivamente un plato con sabores complejos y bien logrados.

Si son carnívoros y melindrosos como yo, denle una oportunidad a la comida vegana y vegetariana. Pueden llevarse una sorpresa contra todo prejuicio.

Si desean la receta de este menú para preparalo en casa, se las dejo luego del link. (créditos: Roy A.)

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Yesterday I flew in from my Disney trip, and to my surprise I was being emailed about being chosen for a fancy course tasting dinner courtesy of a local phone company I am NOT affiliated to yet still managed to win over a story on how I lost a tooth to a Jolly Rancher at a restaurant when I was a kid. Thanks though! and it was TODAY. Ed is also currently traveling so I took my mom as my date.

According to Wikipedia, Calliope is the muse who presides over eloquence and epic poetry; so called from the ecstatic harmony of her voice. She is spoken of by Ovid as the “Chief of all Muses.”

img_4987-1Caliope, a Farm-to-Table fine dining restaurant is located at Casco Antiguo (the old quarter) right next to this popular venue called Teatro Amador. They offer valet parking for $5, which I find a bit steep considering my car was parked right at the curb and not a private parking lot like previously told as I handed in my keys. Could’ve done it myself, you know?

On to the restaurant… It was fancy and breathtakingly beautiful.

Before heading there I did a bit of research and found it was rated as Panama’s #1 restaurant on Trip Advisor. And it generally had excellent reviews on other platforms. Their cuisine style is said to be Mediterranean Fusion and they offer appetizers, entrees and a wide selection of deserts, and individual prices on their menu range from $3 to $35. I was greeted by a very attentive staff and seated in a table for two next, and offered drinks. I had a Cosmopolitan (spur of the moment) and my mom had an Amapola. Then, the deliciousness took place when our first course showed up.

Portobello, Cremini and Champignon cream with rosemary, salt and ginger infused cream. Great texture and I was told it would open my appetite. Gurl, you clearly don’t know me!

Pickled eggplant, fine herbs butter and artisanal bread

img_4984Crudo del Mar: Jack fish slivers (corvina) with citronette, caramelized onion jam, melon sherbet and bread tiles. I almost shed a tear on how beautiful it looked and how amazing it tasted.

img_4983Wonton ravioli stuffed with duck ragu, fontina cheese foam, bechamel and bacon crumble

Beurre blanc trout with diced bread croutons on a bed of sauté potatoes

Mango sherbet for palate cleansing

Cinnamon infused Catalan cream with caramelized raspadura (unrefined brown sugar)


Mago Montii being a good sport and letting me take a picture for my ~humble~ blog post

To end our dining experience, because all good things must come to an end…we had a magician wait for us on the ground floor right before we exit the building.

I was too amused to snap any photos during his tricks, but I was impressed! He did a few simple tricks with red foam balls that I am still trying to find some logic to. I should’ve asked if he could make a Pug appear from thin air but I guess a different kind of sorcery would be required.

Life has been full of magical moments lately and tonight was nothing less than that, literally. Tonight’s dinner was sublime, every course was absolutely delightful and it was a refreshing Friday night for sure.

If you’ve got a restaurant you’d like me to review, I’ll do it in exchange for some tasty food. Opinions on this blog are of my own and I was not paid to advertise anyone, their services and/or products.


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